Sunday, 13 August 2017

Irregular Choice: AW17 Sole, Box and Insole Design

It's funny the things you get excited about, but each season, I'm always really eager to see the new Irregular Choice shoe box and soles. It thrills me just as much as seeing the shoes.  I haven't bought anything from the AW17 stock yet (my Barnacle Betty had new lining but the striped bunny sole from SS17), but I do have photos for you along with something that excites me even more. irregular choice pink kitten soles aw17

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Danielle Nicole: Disney Bag Collection

collection of Danielle Nicole Disney character handbags
A few months ago, I shared my collection of Danielle Nicole Disney bags and I have a couple more to show you today. To begin with, they were an exclusive to QVC in the UK, but now several other retailers stock the brand, so they are even easier to get your hands on here. I've updated the links in that original post to show the newer retailers.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Irregular Choice Disney: Chip n Dale Bag

Hello, I finally made it to the last of my Irregular Choice Mickey & Friends reviews! It wouldn't usually take me this long to get through everything, but as I've said before, it was really unfortunate that my gallbladder surgery coincided with this release and put me out of action for a little while. Though I'm extremely happy that it happened as quickly as it did and it's all over now! I bought another Disney bag a couple of weeks ago, which I haven't had time to photograph and for once, my sister got a pair of shoes from this collection too, so the Disney reviews aren't totally over yet.  I have quite a few other IC things that have sneaked their way in over the past couple of months, so there's all that to follow.  irregular choice mickey & friends chip n dale floral handbag

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Irregular Choice Disney: Whoa Bag

Following on from Oh My last week, I have the second of my Irregular Choice Disney Mickey & Friends bag reviews, Whoa. Now, we saw this one in the previews before the release and I hinted then, that it was one I wanted to buy. I managed to find this along with the Chip n Dale purse, as both of those items were selling very quickly from the retailers I saw stocking them.  I actually recall having the bag in my basket on three other sites while searching for other items and being in a bit of a panic once all of them sold out.  Thankfully I found an undiscovered source (at that point) and didn't hesitate when I saw they were stocking the purse too.  whoa disney donald duck handbag

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Irregular Choice Disney: Oh My Bag

In the fourth Irregular Choice Mickey & Friends review, I have the first of my handbags. I mentioned to you in previous posts that it was the bags I was eager to get and I ended up buying three (and have a 4th on the way, but I'm not sure I'm keeping that yet). This was the first Disney collection to have bags and accessories alongside footwear, so that was a big deal.  Especially as so many of us had thought for Star Wars, Alice or Cinderella "wouldn't it be cool IF..." and here we are! I didn't necessarily try to match the bags I bought to the shoes, I just got the ones I liked most and it was a bonus that a couple go really well with the 2 pairs of shoes I have from this collection.  Generally (and because the collection was so big), there were several shoe styles that could be 'matched' up to each bag.  The darker coloured ones, tended to have more 'matches' than the others.  All of the handbag styles are based on shapes we've seen in the mainline collection over the years, which I see no problem with. My IC bag collection started off quite tentatively, but now I own a lot and have several shapes that I like so much, I'm keen to buy in new variations each season. All of the Mickey bags seem to have sold really quickly everywhere, so I think they've been popular choices. Irregular Choice Disney Mickey Oh My bag Oh Boy shoe


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