Monday, 4 September 2017

Irregular Choice: Bee Delicious

Irregular Choice Bee Delicious AW17 macaron concept heel boot
The Irregular Choice Autumn/Winter range is steadily streaming into stores and a brand new concept heel launched last Friday. A rather tasty treat, the macaron heel came in 3 designs, each in 3 colourways, all beautiful. Immediately I was drawn to the only boot, because it was perhaps the fanciest and you know I love a boot! Still not discovered why, but they really do excite me! I think generally boots tend come in darker colours, with less decoration than shoes, because it's expected that you'll wear them in winter and be wanting practicality over anything else, but this does not apply to IC boots. I love my wonderful collection of their boots, which come in a range of styles and bright colours, glitter, pastels, prints.  They are just as exciting as my shoes. Just like these.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Funko Vinyl Vixens: Batgirl

Vinyl Vixens Batgirl face detail
So excited to add this to my little Funko collection. I've really, really tried to not collect too many of their Pop! Vinyl (PV) figures over the years (because I already hoard collect enough stuff).  They've really taken off though, you can collect practically any movie, TV series or pop culture character.  I have a handful that I really couldn't resist and then came the Rock Candy (RC) line. Oh my gosh, I love RC's. I wasn't restrained at all when they brought these out.  Totally different from the simplistic, button eyed, big-square headed PV, RC were more in proportion and I loved their scale and detailing. I bought almost the entire Barbie line (the 1980 Afro Barbie is one of my favourite things ever). Then I went onto collect the Barbie Mystery Minis (MM). Well actually my sister did and she didn't get the one she hoped for (blind box), so kept giving me them! They are cheekier, smaller, with cartoon like faces-not nearly as cool as the RC's in my opinion.  I also have bits and pieces I've gotten as gifts, like a Dorbz (smiley, happiest things ever) Ariel, MM Villains Ursula and now loads of Disney MM, that my sister has collected doublers of!

Beauty Lately...

So, a few weeks ago Mum and I went out for lunch (if an ice-cream sundae qualifies as a meal!) and I'm making a point of wearing makeup when I leave the house now (rare occasions, but I'll take that). I didn't have long to get ready but used a few new things and thought I'd share my thoughts, alongside some other new items I've been playing with.   makeup, fragrance and skincare product reviews I've been using lately

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Irregular Choice: AW17 Sole, Box and Insole Design

It's funny the things you get excited about, but each season, I'm always really eager to see the new Irregular Choice shoe box and soles. It thrills me just as much as seeing the shoes.  I haven't bought anything from the AW17 stock yet (my Barnacle Betty had new lining but the striped bunny sole from SS17), but I do have photos for you along with something that excites me even more. irregular choice pink kitten soles aw17

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Danielle Nicole: Disney Bag Collection

collection of Danielle Nicole Disney character handbags
A few months ago, I shared my collection of Danielle Nicole Disney bags and I have a couple more to show you today. To begin with, they were an exclusive to QVC in the UK, but now several other retailers stock the brand, so they are even easier to get your hands on here. I've updated the links in that original post to show the newer retailers.


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